Small Graces

A reflection on recent life, inspired in part by Bob Bennett's song "Small Graces".

Sometimes they slip by without notice Sometimes they're very hard to see Other times it's all so clear When they're happening to me

1 - naps with sweet babies

2 - mud puddles and big brothers who show you exactly what to do

3 - finger paint

4 - spring walks, river islands, and nets

5 - vibrant tulips

6 - friends who bring their new baby for a visit and boys who just can't get enough 

7 - notes from the husband

8 - kiddos who like doing the dishes

9 - soccer Saturdays...

10 - ...especially when all the shots on goal are stopped

11 - textured walls and a mini ninja warrior

These are the small graces The little moments when the miracles come These are the small graces Small graces pointing me to the larger ones Small graces Little glimpses of the kingdom come From unexpected places These are the small graces

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