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A few worthwhile things I've stumbled upon while wandering the internets.

  • I read this awhile ago but forgot to add it to my last web wanderings post - it's a great article on how American's safety-obsessive, parenting culture may not actually be what is best for kids. 

  • Kind of related to the link above; I couldn't agree more with this old (2011) article on playground safety. I've watched through the last couple of years as safety regulations has stripped the child care center's playground (where I sub) of many of the children's favorite equipment - none of which have been the cause of a major injury. The kids miss these things and without them they are left to seek other, often more dangerous, ways to work their muscles - climbing fences, etc. Big Buddy somehow managed to crack his forehead open (it's was pretty minor, no stitches) on our dining room table a couple weeks ago - but that doesn't mean I need to throw out the table. There does need to be some safety standards but there also needs to be a consensus that kids are going to get injuries, they are not the end of world, they are just a part of life. Ok, I'll step off that soapbox now :) 

  • I stumbled upon Esquire's What I Learned series last week and then proceeded to spend over an hour reading bits of wisdom from some truly amazing men and women. 

  • Like this blogger, I'm very thankful for the role evangelicalism (and specifically youth groups) have played in my life. But I also share some of her doubts about it's popular teachings. Specifically, the whole idea of soul mates - it's just setting up lots of young people for dissappointment and marriage struggles.  

  • I obviously have a thing for clothes, but the whole idea of what is trendy sometimes alludes me so I loved The Modern Mrs. Darcy's take on a fall fashion preview. 

  • Speaking of fashion, one of my favorite online boutiques, ever + mi.crush, is turning one! To celebrate they are offering 50% off everything until August 22, just use the coupon code CELEBRATE.

this has nothing to do with anything, she just cracks me up. little lady is becoming
a pro at putting lipstick on and then leaving her pucker print places

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